Monday, 14 January 2013

My first post....

The year 2012 went by very fast, and I honestly believe that it was a year full of good music.
By saying 'a year full of good music' I don't mean that if you turned on the radio in 2012 you would actually hear some good songs. No, that seems impossible these days. But a little searching on the internet will do the job to find some decent, and sometimes wonderful new music.

Yeah, that's what we're going to do on this blog, talk about music. Especially good music.
Now in the year 2012 had a lot of releases I really enjoyed.
2012 brought us a new The xx, The Tallest Man On Earth, Tame Impala, Japandroids, Jake Bugg, Andrew Bird, and (yes!) even a new Sufjan Stevens christmas album.

But what was my highlight of 2012? That's a question with a simple answer.
It's Grizzly Bear's Shields. This perfectly crafted album is really one of the best albums I have ever heard.
Every single song on the album radiates so much intelligence where most of other bands can only dream of.

From the opener 'Sleeping Ute' until the seven minute long 'Sun In Your Eyes' this album keeps fascinating me. Every morning when I wake up I find myself humming the opening line from the first single 'Yet Again'. Yet it's not an album that really grabs you at the first listen, I must say after a few listens you will (and just simply can't) let this album go.

The music video for 'Yet Again'

I will keep you posted!

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